January 10, 2014

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, all colors and kinds. Sometimes love even comes because of, or in spite of, very large German body guards… However it begins whatever it looks like, it can be found anywhere from the valleys hidden in the peeks of the Rocky Mountains, to the streets of La Ville-Lumière.

We had the great honor to be able to experience a small part of the lifetime of love that Willy and Michele vowed to each other. Walking the cold winter streets of Paris with the warmth these two shared was one of the most brilliant wedding experiences Desiree and I were able to share.

Everything about this wedding was perfect from the Nicole Miller dress to the Manolo Blahnik shoes, to the custom blue socks, to the reception in the light of the Eiffel Tower. If your love story is a European fairy tale, your wedding might as well be also!

Thank You Michele and Willy for having us there as part of your wedding. We wish you a world of more of the joy and love that we shared with you that day!

And had I only known that plate of pastries you set out while you were getting ready were chocolate croissants….  That is my one regret, not eating more chocolate croissants!!!


September 28, 2013

We’ve had a great time working with Morgann and her family. We first met her sister Macall a couple of years ago, you can see some of her pictures in a blog from last year.

When we got the call to photograph Morgann’s intimate wedding we were excited to work with them again!

Their wedding was at Hotel Parq central. A great venue for the intimate wedding.

The rooftop views are one of the two venues in town with that cool of a view of both the mountains and the city.

Anyhow, enjoy the images!

September 21, 2013

We shoot in a lot of places, we have photographed all over the world. We each have our favorite places. I loved Guatemala, Desiree’s favorite was probably Paris. We always think it would so nice if I could shoot here or there and we often think that there are no really cool places close to here to shoot. I know a number of photographers that have become burned out by shooting the same ol’ locations here in town.

Then I talked to a few photogrsaphers in europe and they think that some of the venues we have here in nm are some of the coolest they have seen and woud love to be able to shoot here. I then take a new look at the places I shoot and think of what I could do to see the venue through new, fresh and maybe even foreign eyes.

Then there is also that in between. A location that is close to NM and yes has a sort of European feel. Many of you are familiar with the Broadmoor in Colorado springs. It’s a wonderful old world resort just hours from ABQ. Being able to shoot there was a wonderful change from the norm.

Then being able to shoot at the this beautiful venue with this beautiful coupe was amazing. Kristin and Scott are such a great couple to work with. In fact their whole family is brilliant. What a blessing to be a part of the lives of so many wonderful people.

On another note, I think this was the first wedding I shot with my d-800. My D-700 started having issues recognizing Nikon lenses. So I sucked it up, bought the D800 and man what a dream, aside from the RIDICULOUS file size and the huge increase in storage space and having to upgrade all of my software to support it…. Now, as I right this, my d800 it at the shop and I am shooting with the 700 again until it is back and I have to say there is something about the sound of the mirror up and shutter of the 700 that just sounds right. I know that for most of you this makes NO sense, but every camera has a sound and a feel. When that shutter released is pressed the mirror inside lifts and the shutter opens. On the 700 its such a sexy sound, it’s fast, smooth… It lets you know that you are shooting a proper camera. Yep, I truly get excited about cameras; especially big fast ones. So I’m a photo nerd, WHATEVER!!!!


September 20, 2013

This wedding was a particularly difficult wedding to blog. Why? Well, it is often hard to narrow down images to an ingestible amount for the blog. This wedding was no different. And will all that went on, it was especially difficult to choose what to and not to post. So this will be a bit different of a post. Instead of the images I will post a condensed version of an otherwise seven minute slideshow. This is a slideshow of the layout of their book. Again, It’s a bit different than normal, let us know what you think!


September 18, 2013

She talked about farting around him
They teased her about beets on her dress
She talked of loving him from the start
They talked about underware that live in the couch in a college dorm in st louis
Her mom shared heirloom stiching created from their hometown
Her sister talked of not petting the cat backwards because he would die
His mom made a baby giggle, lots
They talked of the first date email, no internet, a couch, a bandana and ghostbusters
He taught his nephew to be kind to rocks
Her sister vowed never to like country music
His brother in law wondered the significance of big kitties
Her dad observed and brought film back
His dad created a new tradition
They ate they laughed some cried
They loved